Appropriate Adult Training

Our Appropriate Adult training program conforms to the guidance provided by the Scottish Appropriate Adult Network. Beyond that we have significantly developed our own training package based on our experience in delivering the service across Ayrshire.

We offer training which is specifically for the role of Appropriate Adult. We also offer training aimed at achieving a clear understanding of the role for organisations who use the service.

Our training covers the following areas

  • The history, development and importance of the Appropriate Adult Service within the Justice System in Scotland
  • Current legislation and the implications for organisations who interview those requiring support from Appropriate Adults.
  • The current national position in relation to the use of the Appropriate Adult Service.
  • The practicalities of delivering and managing the service in a busy area

We have developed 40 practical exercises increasing student participation in the training experience and used as a knowledge check at the end of the training delivery. These exercises represent actual challenges we have faced whilst delivering the service.

Our training has received excellent feedback, not only in Ayrshire, but also in Orkney where it was delivered in 2015 and again in 2016 to the local Appropriate Adult Service.

We are actively engaged with academic bodies in seeking accreditation for the training.

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Orkney Appropriate Adult Service is run entirely by volunteers and needed some expert training for its existing and new volunteers. GSS delivered two excellent days for us and provided useful advice, support and information which will stand us in good stead as the service develops. I thoroughly recommend their service to other Appropriate Adult Services and will be staying in touch with them should we need further support.